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“A player can never be bigger than the sport itself”
Delving on the realm of sports, which is vast considering the various aspects of the game itself – I here draw some interesting parallels and unsurmountable feats which might prove the above stated myth be proved wrong. I look to analyze some of these – better mentioned through drawing congruence with athletes & teams with each one of the quantifying plot of data varying in the structure and aesthetics.
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has we know had reached dizzying highs in his illustrious career but had scummed on certain battles with stats pointing to that of an one with McGrath & James Anderson; but on a personal front Tendulkar lasted a few more years stretching up & until age 40, were he was to be bestowed with the World Cup which Dhoni & co. set up for what had been an illustrious hall of fame career.
Tendulkar wasn’t my idol probably as I rated Laxman & Dravid higher in Tests; well that could be blinding enough for me to accept my idol Pete falling prey to Federer in round IV of Wimbledon 2001. But, this story of Pistol going down to retirement in the year of 2002 beating his old rival Agassi in the next years US Open albeit his nemesis Federer crashing out at the hands of Mirnyi in the round of 16 suggests a paradigm, one that equals greatness.
US open 2002
Transcending to another love for sports is NBA!
Of what was to be an unsurmountable task yesterday at the Oracle arena, Lbj single-handedly brought his team to the summit on Game 1, as a victory in the first game of the series and that on road would entrusted major momentum shift.
Lebron james - Game 1 - NBA champioships

LeBron James Full Game 1 Highlights vs Warriors 2018 NBA Finals – 51 Pts, 8 Ast, 8 Reb

” If cricket was an individual sport, the Tendulkar-McGrath rivalry in the 2001 series would have ranked right up with the 2008 Wimbledon final between Federer and Nadal and one that of a legacy in basketball between Lebron, Kobe & Jordan “
Players over Team
With CSK having survived a betting scam, it seemed like they relinquished their legacy for a two year period like that one of Juventus but with the titles they won and pride intact like/unlike the latter – astonishingly to the club owner Mr N Srinivason whose change of gears wherein the players had a control over the Team Owner himself this current season. Srini be inducted into ICC again. An astute thinker he is, someone who never succumbs as gauged – my tribal leader.
Finally, in reciprocation and a token of honor, I dedicate a piece of writing for my pal as I get hooked onto basketball this week, to Lebron’s post-season & the ensuing free agency;
I read you but I am the kid who gives everyone his space, I hope you do the best in cementing your legacy that at the end of journey – the so called media just play to your tunes.
The crowd’s gotten mum 
leave alone the 
contemporaries & fym critics – who I presume have no other option but to say “Hail the King”
You a father of three
You an inspiration not only on the court but to thousands in Cleveland & to the millions and millions of the Bron’s fans
I for one haven’t seen a more complete bb player as
the stats reveal , the fouls and ejections by you are ->0
You the beast keep laying the seads
For one you are to me
May God’s love and your synergy with Kevin be replicated
It is just Game 1; six more to go
Hey baldy
hear me
Yours truly
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