Petrucci’s – Glasgow Kiss

Siddarth Raghuraman – Medium

To all the misquotes

attributing a few important one’s

to that one on Mothers Day ‘o18

God really showed up in a series of events that I believed or imagined as his own humor

Phoenix Suns - Cleveland Cavaliers

I feel apologetic not for myself but for my pal Lebron

as I never foresaw the history;

to my maithan, here is to the reminiscence of our cherished memories


this is something I as a homie, a pal & a younger brother would like to bestow on you

The King - Bron

btw, it’s rather a good thing that you didn’t go to college

Let the game7 be a token of honor to your legacy – TD we are freaking sorry

All I see is a victory, a demolition if otherwise my brother seek to have some plight on your fantasy

Joe’s poetry on the offing – if Sid were to keep looking up to you in the Championship


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