Gunners till I die

The thought about preservation of one’s own-self

I as a kid from Mambalam has never in my life quantified money & for one – an Arsenal fan and more so a Wenger’s disciple. I as a fan as always wondered how the club had been structured after the shift of stadiums from Highbury to the Emirates. Even though we as Gooner fans always wanted to understand the dynamics of the scenes behind that part of the club, we do understand it’s run by Mr. Kroenke – a private owner who in his own authority wishes not to divulge information.

As for Mr. Wenger, I am proud of you for one, to have burnt your legacy for the club’s own. Sir, it is very hard for a mind, the heart to come to acceptance. To have seen the dizzy heights of the o3 – o4 season, me having started watching football in those years – to those colossal teams you built Le Professeur – it’s disheartening to lose on our legacy as we as humans have a short life span, as these Top four finishes don’t suffice.

European footballing giants like Real Madrid & Barcelona in the meantime have invested big, plucking players from teams such as ours and generated revenue through merchandise and ticket sales.

You sir, always fought for the Financial fair play – But has this come into fruition? Leave alone the fact that a ticket in the Emirates is the most expensive ones across Europe. I still would believe and not doubt on you professor as you have in your power as always given us a brand of football over the last decade, which is unmatched.

It is pretty evident that our Arsenal is a far cry of the yesteryear teams which boasted – the standards, ruthlessness in the moder era of football and policies of yours reaped gold then seem a far cry now.

A small plea to the hierarchy, as its summer again.

I only hope this piece of work comes in at the right time – as I put this on the web for our next coach to bring us back to glory days.

To the plea of mine you satisfied earlier in summer

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