Sid’s Love-drug Climbdown with Joe

Joe Satriani – “Just The Facts”


Joe Satriani is the world’s most commercially successful solo guitar performer, with six gold and platinum discs to his credit (including one more gold award for the debut album by his band Chickenfoot), and sales in excess of 10 million copies. His forthcoming 16th studio album, “What Happens Next” (due out Jan 12, 2018), is already picking up rave reviews as yet another creative breakthrough – this for a guitarist who has routinely topped guitar magazine polls since the release of his first full-length album, “Not Of This Earth”, in 1986.

Since September 18, 1970 (the day his idol Jimi Hendrix passed away), Satriani has dedicated himself to the artistry of the instrument. While still a teenager in his hometown of Westbury, New York, he taught guitar to another budding six-string hopeful, Steve Vai. A few years later, Satriani moved to San Francisco and played guitar in a popular new wave band, The Squares, and briefly joined The Greg Kihn Band before the release of “Not Of This Earth”.

Satriani’s reputation was already growing in guitar circles – along with Vai, some of his other students were Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and Testament’s Alex Skolnick – but in 1987, he broke through to the masses with his second studio full-length, “Surfing With The Alien”, a massive seller (it hit No. 29 on the Billboard 200) that included the radio hits “Satch Boogie” and the title track. The success of that album caught the attention of Mick Jagger, who asked Satriani to be his lead guitarist on his first-ever solo tour, in 1988.

As a live performer, Satriani has toured the world with each new release (his last concert tour for 2013’s “Unstoppable Momentum” saw the guitarist touch down in 32 countries). In 1993, he joined Deep Purple as a temporary replacement for Ritchie Blackmore during a Japanese tour. In 1996, Satriani founded the multi-guitarist traveling experience called G3, which has seen him share stages with Vai, Eric Johnson, Yngwie Malmsteen, Robert Fripp, among others. And starting in 2009, Satriani traversed the globe again as a member of Chickenfoot. The all-star band (which also includes singer Sammy Hagar, former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith) has issued two albums, their debut and 2011’s follow-up, “Chickenfoot III”.

Satriani’s solo discography includes a host of classics, including 1989’s “Flying In A Blue Dream”, “The Extremist” from 1992, “Is There Love In Space?” (2004) and 2010’s “Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards”. His 15 Grammy nominations have been for songs such as “Always With Me, Always With You,” “The Crush Of Love,” and “Summer Song,” as well as full albums like “Surfing With The Alien”, “The Extremist” and “Super Colossal”.

Satriani has appeared in motion pictures such as Christopher Guest’s 2006 release, “For Your Consideration”, and the 2011 Brad Pitt starrer, “Moneyball”. Through the years, he has designed and endorsed guitars, amplifiers and effects pedals for Ibanez, Marshall and Vox. His JS Series of guitars through Ibanez has been one of the company’s most popular and consistent sellers.

Current Album: What Happens Next

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Joe Satriani. On What Happens Next, the legendary guitarist reveals a new persona: himself.

As fans know, Satriani hinted at the demise of his alter ego { } in 2015’s Shockwave Supernova album after that character threatened to battle Satriani for his very soul.

As Satriani hit the road in support of the album, he discovered Shockwave Supernova, the latest in a long line of alien personas Satriani had created, was truly suffocating him—a process captured in a new documentary directed by Satriani’s son ZZ, which will debut at the Mill Valley Film Festival. “As I was doing the last few legs of the tour, I started to think ‘Wow, maybe this is real life.’ I am feeling like I should just drop this guy and figure out a way to do something very different.”

What happened next was nothing short of a metamorphosis {
“As, I look back on Feb21st, Joe’s concert – I felt I progressed out of it months later through the form of Shubhangi Joshi {a singer-songwriter and a poet) when in the concert that night she mentioned the word ‘metamorphosis. I for one believe in messengers, super natural forces and synergy. I had been to Singapore earlier this year, a few days before the concert without knowing the forecast / weather, I liked it very much the sun belting down on me as I walked through bars, malls and small gullies near the place I stayed. To my surprise, just a few hours before the concert, it started to pour down and out of nowhere. This make me feel there are supernatural forces acting upon us. Although, I could cite a couple of more past instances, I hold back to state something which happened today. I was in good spirits this morning, drove myself to the Brew Room, Savera, that after ages as I wanted to be in peace. Later in the day, did I realize Tipriti Kharbangar{TIPS} is gonna play at the same venue BAY146, Savera in a days’ time! That’s what bring me to the term Synergy. My connection with TIPS is age old, being an ardent fan of few of her songs, day-day statuses on FB and my dedication to her in my blog post ‘Moroccan Sunset. Hey Tips, I grooved to the blues at a very young age (mid-teens I would say), I don’t wear the old jacket anymore. But here is to the reminiscence of the good old days. I wanna see the Voodoo woman”.

“It was an internal artistic rebirth,” Satriani says. “I’m thinking, ‘No science fiction, no time travel, no songs about distant planets or aliens or anything like that.”

Instead, Satriani looked inward, writing songs, he says, “about a human being, two feet on the ground, heart pumping, with emotions, dreams, and hopes. That seemed to be the direction I really was yearning for.”

The hard work I put in can’t be taken away in my attempt to preserve my own true self. Joe Satriani – If There Is No Heaven

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The stunning result is What Happens Next, the most accessible, straight forward rock album that Satriani has ever made. The set pulses with a vibrant energy from the dynamic opening track “Energy” to the stomp of “Catbot,” majestic crunch of “Thunder High On The Mountain,” spiritual grace of “Righteous” and sensuality of “Smooth Soul.”

There’s a vulnerability to shedding the protective veneer that personas such as Shockwave Supernova provided. “It’s a frightening feeling to walk out on that artistic limb where you’re not relying on any kind of formula,” Satriani says. “You’re brave enough to simply write about bare feelings. When I step back and look at all the new songs, I realize they represent a person living and breathing in the world today.”

If Satriani was going to “drop everything and go into something brand new,” he needed to surround himself with co-conspirators whom he knew could fulfill his vision, so he turned to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith—also his bandmate in Chickenfoot, Deep Purple bassist and longtime friend Glenn Hughes, and producer Mike Fraser.

Utilizing a trio instead of a full band, Satriani hoped to replicate the energy he found working with Chickenfoot on their first album. “It was basically three musicians and Sammy [Hagar] screaming on top of us, and there was none of that waiting to see what the other guy plays so much as we were just all going at the same time,” he says. “We were just attacking it with so much fun and energy. It’s a unique quality that makes the listener feel like there was something bigger than the sum of their parts and I wanted to make sure that we captured that.”

Satriani, reached out to Smith, relaying, “‘I’ve got this crazy idea—rock n’ roll record, fresh, immediate, lively. You, Glenn Hughes on bass and me’,” Satriani recalls. “I was expecting him to tell me to go take a walk, but he signed on immediately.” So did Hughes.

After sending Smith and Hughes the songs, Satriani laid down a few ground rules, which boiled down to Keep It Simple. “I said to Chad in an early text, ‘No odd time signatures, no progressive stuff, pure rock and soul.’ The last two records really showed that I was enjoying playing with progressive elements, and when I reached the end of Shockwave Supernova, I said, ‘I think I’ve done it. For some reason, I don’t feel like going back over that anymore’.”

Once in the studio—they recorded in San Francisco and Los Angeles— Satriani wanted space for the threesome to nimbly shift as they found their groove. “I said, ‘If you got an idea, just start doing it, and we’ll react as a trio,’ and that was the idea— to record us reacting off of each other, and try to create that magic sound that a three-piece can make.”

His advice to Fraser was equally direct. “His job was to not let any of us work this to death. That way, Chad, Glenn and I could just go out and be musicians, which means being like teenage kids making lots of noise. Then you have the father figure in the control room making sure he captures it all.”

Growing up on Long Island, N.Y., Satriani turned to the guitar only after first attempting to play drums and piano and failing miserably. “I spent hours sitting right next to my mother as she played piano, and I marveled at her ability to play rhythm and melody independently and be able to read sheet music. It’s just something I never had,” he says.

But then, the guitar came along. “I was like, ‘Oh, look at this. I actually can progress,” he remembers. “In two days, I’ve learned these chords, and it’s not as awkward as the piano, and certainly not as awkward as the drums.’ I started on the guitar because I was such a Hendrix fan, but I got to day two because I noticed that it was the instrument that presented the least amount of resistance. Although I constantly feel like I’m not really cut out to be a guitar player and certainly not a performer in the music industry, here I am. Once it got in my hands, I said, “I’m never letting go of this guitar because this is my ticket to expression,’ you know?”

What a ticket it’s been. Satriani has earned six gold and platinum discs over his 30-year career, selling more than 10 million albums and garnering 15 Grammy nominations.

And he’s far from finished. With What Happens Next, Satriani asks his fans to join him in a new chapter. “I think the ultimate goal of human experience is for us to become closer,” he says.

“It’s fun to write about science fiction and things like that, but it’s a little bit more difficult to get closer to people by writing about something that’s so abstract. So I focused on rock and soul as a way to recognize our shared experiences, our wishes, our dreams, our hopes and fears. This record is an invitation to get closer. That’s really what it is.”

Jimi Hendrix
Joe Satriani in Surfing to Shockwave on February 21st, 2017 at Kallang theater (Singaporian grounds) calling out his fan seated centered in the 2nd row as a friend with a big booming smile like his late idol – Jimi Hendrix.

Joe Satriani – “Ceremony” (Live in Santiago)

<Madrasi hooks-up a village bellé>

Best wishes for a long, fantabulous married life & loads of kids. Here is me passing on the ‘Energy’


like a

Wishing Wall

Joe Satriani – A Door Into Summer

Correlated through grades & girls, vedas & vendetta that which opens up a statistically significant – humor portion

italian wine

Steve Vai happy with deep depression 

Steve Vai – { For the Love of God – – Taurus Bulba ++ Building the Church ~~ Blue Powder }

Steve Vai “How to Play Building The Church” Presented by & Guitar Player Magazine

Here is to my P.S. your acceptance is all. Is all. There is nothing more. To the web space, people reading the blog this more importantly correlates with my soul, sits at my mam’s feet. Are you up for this musical ride – cause I am here to ply an 1-1 to set right your spine. Let the clogged veins open up so one by one.. let the positive reverberations sink in.. . as this blog incepted under your tutelage & I am a part of your neural network. P.S. Headsets a must #X-Grtw


Mam, inthe genre iruke. P.S. Use it judiciously, I am passing on a part of my gene with aplomb. Crystal.
Oh mam’e
as I seek the quest to find a peaceful & harmonious life abroad –
I want to let out initially what would have been a Thunder High on the Mountains

as in modern era – Sid & Joe are synonymous
I though feel like Malcolm X sometimes, well that’s how the poetry goes, well that’s what our Madras does to me
I realize I got another shade – Oakley 2.0 you see lol xD
Sweetheart, namaku ethuku da prechene
as Kamal Hassan jokingly says in Kadhalla Kadhalla – ‘therathe kootam
na poran de Eindhoven nokie
Vanthu seru …


Walking through a dream

I see you

My light in darkness breathing hope of new life

Now I live through you and you through me


I pray in my heart that this dream never ends


Mam, its finally time to talk some good old stories – 8K ~ Semantics – to accommodate everyone as I try to preserve the West Indian Clan – of what transpired to be the notorious 10K beating every other teams(10 classes from to E to R – in the year of 2003 wherein that year, we demolished every other team in street cricket that year @ Home(10th Sector – Like how I shared concrete{Semantics – I owe} – a punga now {Semantics also vary here as I believed Chennai has failed to preserve places in general – as I can get obnoxious on why a Stag won’t be allowed into a pub in Chennai, when he seems Chivalrous and earn his space in a setting like Big Bang Theory, feel Paradise in Park Hyatt, blues in Bay 146, as I find these shades very tempting one that of a Big Bird & willing to take up the shoes of one of a Malcolm Marshall [scroll down, read the story of my Cricket Journey in Tilburg as my soul is there to preserve this clan]) & away to all other sectors in KK Nagar – as teams boasted of Contemporary’s from within 10K & outside class – who shared & who represented game time with Ravichandran Ashwin in PSBB – just to give a litmus test to the standards I am talking about #Forex #Bounce Extraction #Impeccable, Line & Length # Cramp for room #Guile

2018-03-21 13_57_03-west indian fast bowlers 1980s - Google Search - Opera - 8K

Joe vs his Alter Ego : Infected Mushroom – Heavyweight – Be One! – – We didn’t make it to Israel, but we sniffed Jersey the largest of the Channel Islands at Amsterdam. Witness yaaru? lol.. Photo wa othu paaru. El Phenomenon !!

In fond remembrance of the class


2001 – 8k

Signing on behalf

i got to be free


I just be livid at myself if I don’t drop in a few more poetic verses
for the tonic I yearn for to have with you seated under foot, on a dreamy afternoon
I don’t know when
but certainly in the koluthre veyile, in the company of Gods
I promise I had try to swell your heart
I promise I had append a few more years to your life
I only wish this act of mine precedes & set right your spine
for I have with experiences in my life – to clobber doors open
like a rampaging river
setting open and liberating your soul
for what I believe would kick-start . . .

Phase III: God’s Rock Tumbler!

Uli Jon Roth – The Sails of Charon

the sails of charon

Standard – Joe Sat, do you realize?

Onaku Steve vodĕ neruthiruvena

Here is all

Joe Satriani – Crazy Joey { ❤ – ❤ – ❤ || ❤ – ❤ – ❤ }

This track only turns up in the left as it’s a purposeful attempt to symbolize the sacred Ash which you donned when we were teenagers in High school – so vivid in my memory, as in my several years in the orthodox areas of Madras – I just could’t spot a person who carries the Ash with more panache than you – Mrs. Medusa .. I don’t want to let the second name out .. enna kaladiche konnuduvange..XD.. The third one though is a capture seen on the blog.. Well, I choose to give you a test this time around!! As times have changed. I am glad you graded me 80.5 over Sai’s 80.0 on the literature paper .. You see I am so stuck with Medusa XD. It’s a honour, a privilege for accepting me.

“She is very liberal, English Honours. I presume & something more beyond, a Na’vi ok. I ll restrict the depict here. There is more of a plethora to follow” heheh..



Joe Satriani – 1986 – Not of This Earth {}

Joe Satriani – 1987 – Surfing with the Alien | Ice9

Joe Satriani – 1989 – Flying in a Blue Dream | The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing

On that of a character named Sid progressing & falling seamlessly into a Theory

There is something of a connection which pushes me to the oblivion of curiosity. I understand for a reader depending upon the aesthetics humans generally look for at this fastidious age of life, to have spotted it, with select dates & semantics mentioned in my previous blog-post. I would here therefore mash-up a Mystical Potato of my own to put things in perspective, these & here chisel an another sculpture to my favorite teacher.

To her, the other day, not able to hold onto my butterflies, pre-departure, late cocoon period – – as I sang my way to glory —

Collegé pogailë thila lèlo

First thing first, I am still in college & still dependent on the web – as always it’s a TRUTH [* T] and a theory deduced of my life experiences which I had like to put to manifest here in reciprocation. The dimensions and the view point will certainly vary but just if bridged as a semantic from varied walks of life – this could be satisfying piece of read, something of my own – a piece of Freeware – the best I could for the web space, as always.

By the way I whole-heartedly wanna dedicate my association with the Department of Humanities here at Tilburg University and stand righteous as an admirer, a student of your’s && a ‘friend – is something I will like to pose myself has, but hons in English – mam; Semantics vary with a bundle of joy that I share with this society.


Once started off with a HIT n TRIAL method back in the good old SVCEian days much prior to the movie release, marred by different incidents dating back to 3rd semester break, as thus far I had only plied my trade <texting> with a virtual friend (Vanden Abeele, M. M., Antheunis, M. L., & Schouten, A. P. (2016). The effect of mobilemessaging during a conversation on impression formation and interaction
quality. Computers in Human Behavior, 62, 562-569), that we concurred one fine day as we were unwinding in opposite ends trying to make sense of it all as teenagers. I didn’t know an iota of her personality, probably not the other way around but almost tending to obscurity as I was still RAW & unfurbished. But, I’d tell you there was something holy about it, something mystical, some kind of synergy we built together as one fine day I recollect telling her “How we can see out the society handle with ease just keeping a blind trust on each other “. There was so much about my Jigiē, that I have written, as I am writing this its just a coincidence the track I truly wanted to entrust on her – plays on the background as that is truly I believe revolves around the romanticism we etched out. You know how rude or sickening it can get when someone of that order shoots you down!!! But HEY CHIN UP. I did bottle it up for almost a decade barring a few sediments which got stuck in larynx. I have read about the stories, tried more importantly to preserve my old self as incidents altered my thought process as the rosy tale became one that of a melancholicous ride, ofcourse the positives I took were that of learning the trade tricks on the imposed arduous journey..

bronny love

.. to have yearned a coffee with my Jigiē who had then traveled back home for the semester break, I was distraught when I realized she was lying on me for all that I had been, atleast on that particular week of her arrival. I tried to be patient. Waited on her with the atmost respect I had for her and that blossoming relationship, the result was her telling me we lived in a society. My hometown seemed twisted, areas became imposing & with the incident to follow.

I was all jacked up though with no signs of falling prey to what you sometimes would gauge from a day-day, week-week & month-month, semester-semester understanding.

It was Cricket selection day at college the other week, for a lad who never practiced with boots, nor played with Cricket ball & only a tournament old and wherein he could gauge what was right, whether he could make the cut as he had plied in concrete for the years until then toiling around in the Madras’s humid sun, when he knew in the tournament he got a chance to bowl; with a boot unconventional but accepted and allowed for selection – he could cause havoc! I knew on that night before selection date, when I was galloping along my terrace with my run-ups that there was noway I was succumbing to anything. Anything! Anything? I have to drop this here at 30, as I have still managed to make it to the cricket team where I study now, solely to get this out of system, as it was A.C. Muthiah[ex-BCCI’s chairman’s] college I studied & wanted to ply my Cricket — which pushes me to question his management.

Do I need to say anything more?

Cricket is a not a far cry! As I bowled with in the indoor sessions for the initial few weeks, got selected for the tournament in Amsterdam, tore my shoulder again falling from a 20foot stair protecting a peer in the pub, then the fan moment (Rekdal, O. B. (2014). Academic urban legends. Social Studies of Science, 44(4), 638-654) , a day at the recreation center plying yoga and weights before I carried the bat the eventual evening.. I know I can hang in the boots and bid adieu, but that elusive moment to play on professional leagues representing college, X ___ W <sidhu> Netherlands or the Gen-Next’s Turf Wickets, the Bigbird – shall hope to defy age!


With my old friend emotions are all but dry!! But how I sheepishly gave it away because she never responded for years, as it was a complete Joe’s poetry with consistency & panache, my attempt to have had a foreseeable SoundCloud ver. of mbuerschaper/wormhole-wizards

vanish away, is just me as Sid takes shape of Great White | Malcolm X, symbolizing Professor Satchafunkilus. S.J {} | {}

Joe Satriani – 1992 – The Extremist | War | Motorcycle Driver


Joe Satriani – 1993 – Time Machine | Speed of Light


Joe Satriani – 1998 – Crystal Planet | Lights Of Heaven | Love Thing




Joe Satriani – 2000 – Engines of Creation | Clouds Race Across the Sky {}

Surreal yet so true. Can’t do justice to this through a capture. Just makes me breathe fine. Love you, peeps! hahaha

Joe Satriani – 2002 – Strange Beautiful Music | Belly Dancer | Mind Storm


One of the few songs I choose not to give it away for any characterization.

Joe Satriani – 2004 – Is There Love in Space | Searching

Maple, twist of fate. Chokes to liberation..

Joe Satriani – 2006 – Super Colossal | It’s so good

Joe Satriani – 2008 – Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock | Musterion | Professor Satchafunkilus

Joe Satriani – 2010 – Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards | Dream Song | Light Years Away | The Golden Room | Wormhole Wizards | Wind in the Trees

Joe Satriani – 2013 – Unstoppable Momentum | Unstoppable Momentum | Can’t go back | Lies and Truth’s | Shine on American Dreamer

Joe Satriani – 2015 – Shockwave Supernova | Shockwave Supernova | Crazy Joey[-] | Stars Race Across The Sky

Joe Satriani – 2018 – What Happens Next | Catbot

Random words penned & pictures appended with a song to characterize it

The Dream song

diane lane - nights in rodanthe

The Golden Room


Wormhole Wizards


Joe mamé is playing here on Tamil New Years — {April 14th, 2018} — @Klokgebouw, Klokgebouw 5015617 AB Eindhoven

Professor Satchafunkilus

Have you seen me groove . . ?

Glasgow Kiss


A Door into the Summer, Ceremony && Glasgow Kiss {Gold, Silver && Platinum}


Speed of light


Orange Juice { Ride }

I have loved the way God turned up in the form of birds, each calling for its seasonal partners, karmic interactors, yogic gurus, professors & peers from Netherlands & not to leave the diverse crowd from different nationalities all across the world each in a way cleaning up the blood stream {The thought about preservation of ones own self}.


If there is no heaven

– – – Ashik, Nitin, Fred & Vishwa – Emirates porom, kalakorom!


Energy – Joe Satriani || Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang


Catbot – Joe Satriani || Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Always with me Always with you


Crush of Love




Crushing Day



Professor Satchafunckilus’es – The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing



Intha varshmum nange thane da

To avoid any mis-conception, this is the most hostile fast bowling ever in Cricket I have ever seen. You should have done these some-time in your career – else it is tough to snort it clean.

A gift from #childhood #teenage memories


Patriarchs, Sid was coasting on one that of a Matriarchial society in a virtual world most of is life by female characters who are carving, carved out a niche for themselves – they have all inspired me to this journey & I got to admit through my walk of life – Matriarchs lead to the evolution to one that of a Patriarch – so it evident Sid is all but a seamless poetry symbolizing


Hey Jigie, enge kondu vitruku pathiya.. this is what blind-fold in moonu cheetu does! I find the Schizophrenic jacket attractive, can easily wear it with ease, but I know deep down there is always an exception when it comes to Sid

And, as for you P.S. I know I might consume some of your previous time, but mam’e you have seamlessly fit into my Jigie’s shoes for a long time now, brought back a lot of my cherished memories – koluthare veyil someday Lol Xd . Di. Life++{Degree thane CSE, namba adkire coding .. . Semantic eh .. Enna? Instrumental Rock}

As for you B.A Hons in English, I find it even unethical to even express a few words, but I feel obliged to inform Sid’s poster is up for grabs #City of God

High-time, did my High School – Junior college sweetheart sniff this & feel the bliss. Best Wishes di, Siddarth

john stockton
Core fulcrum of my United States of America. John Stockton, Utah Jazz, Salt Lake City. I see myself.


It’s evolution phase of once a Madras, for which I am happy && elated” Joe Satriani thanks very much for this eventual Ride, yeah April 14th, 2018 – I got to tell – Sid truly did love you”

Kizhunja noteku paranthe mansu sir inthe Netherlands. I have always helped the needy wherever I stayed, passed on my liberal nature. There on my first day in the station, there was a old man who approached me for shelter, food – I without hesitance gave him a 10euro bill. Fast forward a few weeks I get my social security & left with 2euro 25cents & a torn 10euro note. Enna da vazhkai ithu, yoschen. Netherlands not only accepted SiD’s 10 euro bill but later popped in on Valentines day through an another share of the my liberal attitude
I will tell you another quick time reality check. This was the day Sid brought snow down when he smoked ISO-LATOR first-time.



Semantics sollele . This is Sathya starring my beloved vathiyar released on the year of 1988. Political debut on February 21st, 2018 with every other date of Statistical Significance – This is solely to my Aandavar as it is a one-one conversation : “Sir, na ungalaku kattupatturuken”. Background as in Maestro Ilaiyaraaja {} to the American counterpart Joe Satriani signifying Tamil New Years Day {} – April 14th, 2018 in @Klokgebouw, Klokgebouw 5015617 AB Eindhoven

Self-obsession is great. Everything begins with that!

Yours Truly,

Instrumental Rock


A small final note:

I was breached privacy once in my life where in I like to put on manifest what I held myself back in my cherished memories just notes which was hacked when I was in Rhode Island – so in an attempt to find a artistic rebirth I like to quote by saying something I cherished back from those days. En Aandavar’s words were long imbibed in me, true love – Tamilhzan love kekaraiya thalaiva – enna?

” I have a deep sense of purpose and that to give back & reciprocate to the web-space, to which I have been heavily dependent on over the years ”

to one of your deeds to the city of Madras, which was

” To put your body on donation to Madras Medical College- Ennaku inthe payanam konjam gravational pull thalaiva. Na anthan solrene, the magnitude has changed in due course – No Pain No Gain, unge koral from Radio Mirchi back in the days. Ungal pathe kamalangilum inthe Kadhal Parisu ”
Educational Qualification

Shrine Vailankanni Senior Secondary School

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School {Joined IIE, lucky & privileged was under the tutelage of the legendary Elizabeth George in my first year} P.S. English Hons. unglaku shared space inthe tharnathula. Ofcourse paying tribute to my dear late Valsa Balaji mam – inthe English Hons. semantics would have created ripples of laughter shredding panache; as I saw only love in all the three of my gurus. Professor Sundaresan & to Professor Srimathi Sundharam( this is a humble attempt from a student of yours, thanks for the education. Not to miss out on many other guru’s who have also chiseled me}

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

University of Florida

Certificate from John Hopkins University

Enrollment in Online Great Lakes Institute of Management {Sniff}

Tilburg School of Humanities, Tilburg University

First of all I find it unethical to have quoted a lot of the web space without “Reference guidelines”. Although I have been specific with most of them with a differential quotation. One was to make it seem very realistic, allow the public to get an initial understanding.

Association with Tilburg School of Humanities has prompted me to use subject areas of Human Interaction, Human Ethics, Code of Law & APA referencing to append to my research interests. I shall adhere everything that seems progressive & suited to my likes as I shall start at ground zero all over again and lay open the gauntlet to myself as I believe this webspace would profit from what Professor Satchafunkilus.S.J confesses an interest in Cognitive Science & AI, Computational Lingusitic with a synonymous research intention towards Deep Blue an IBM Supercomputer. To put things in perspective, I am also a chess player who sailed high when in Childhood, ofcourse spreading my wings as a fast-bowler, relished watching boxing ever since I was a kid , who wanted to preach NBA cause he loved the sport & found the US journalism to be more fascinating & more suited to the events and love for that nation which gave me shelter – as is something I like to bestow upon also to these people with a tinge of & our very own WWE and to forget to mention the sead aka Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses which Pistol Pete lay. Aces! One after the other. Oru research experiment sir, nane guinea pig – to all the those who have glanced through the GRE Barrons, Kaplan, Princeton Review – don’t I stand righteous. What if I am in a level playground?

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Sid II – National Society of Black Engineers

Beyond the Supernova
Siddarth Joey Raghuraman’s treasure from Surfing to Shockwave tour in Singapore. Heads up!

P.S {Guru} unakkage enna vennelum, guru. I promised to be an Philosopher traveling in EU…
” To my mom I said “Chords of Life” for her for telling me I didn’t have all the traits of an Philanthropist as yet, I like to quote as well, as its an innate will rather one that of  an inspiration – I ll strive & preserve “

An all out KH starrer
This is all in all a KH starrer. Aandavar, I wont cast my vote ever again until it seem significant. Equilibrium. Level Playing Grounds.

Dei, P.S. Pleasure through pain. I have tried my best to earn my breakfast with you although I am Champagne Standards W-X

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