Blowin in The Wind – Bob Dylan


Surreal yet so true. There is another depict which I like to portray to the world as these are true real life incidents and I really can’t keep these within myself although I have realized sometimes internalizing and holding it within myself – I could drive on that energy rather seek liberating it or basing it on people, society and more importantly the world. There is standard in writing blogs which I had learnt from my old friend who had been an instigator of sorts but life experiences has pushed me to a pedestal where I feel so blessed that I propagate and put on manifest these incidents.

Why am I put on earth? What is the purpose?

Freakzillas{ } this is sure gonna take courage as it is not the most lunatic incident, but in my case these sporadic moments that had initially swelled :() my heart and now got it frozen 😐 I am the executioner of my own life who has decided to open the whole bottle of champagne – I pour freely to the poor, rich, barring caste/creed/color, for special people who have been through my thoughts and affected my soul in a way – they surely need this tonic.

My days in Gainesville, Fl are best characterized through a lot of incidents. It’s a freaking paradise on earth so rich in flora, fauna – seen here in this picture and taken on a special day for my country people – Final CWC victory [2nd April, 2011]

manitte springs

Much prior to these, dating back to February 19th, 2010 – there was so much hostility on public forums, ridicule that I faced in the form of factions from my undergrad college that I took with myself or be mercilessly entrusted upon. In came my admission from University of Florida. Then my fan moment with Lebron James as he, Wade and Bosh ganged up in Miami a few days later, that I recollect was a twist in the tale. I found so much affinity with James maple, that the kind of hostility he faced traveling on road across the country and by the city of Cleveland where he was a cult figure – a demi-god of sorts. The resulting dunks then became sickening at their best.

This one especially..

LeBron Jumps OVER John Lucas for the SLAM

Apart from this depict, which is an embodiment of sports education and how sporting idols leave a lasting effect on kids, teenagers, leave alone fully grown up men and women, one fine day at the university theater, a priceless evening show happened. My friend Raul had suggested we check this movie out.

Goosebumps, literally! Pul-archidhu-ba!! Freaking Denzel maple turned up the heat, electromagnetic waves on screen with the most riveting display ever seen on celluloid.

The legendary Malcolm-X & his legacy

The legacy of Malcolm X

Voted as the 7th in the top 100 American speeches of the 20th century by 137 leading scholars of American public address, “The Ballot or the Bullet” is the title of a public speech which was delivered on April 3, 1964, at Cory Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. And for someone like me to be in the huge university theater the other evening with a packed house where in the crowd was a mix, I had kept those moments close to my heart for nearly seven odd years until I met my alter-ego, as we delved on topics from matriotic society to patriarchy. I was locked in the other-night, a fire band of sorts as I dressed myself in the legendary jacket I wore to the Satriani’s concert. I will refrain from speaking about it, as Sid & Joe are synonymous in the modern-era. Joe is also my maple too, an Oakley shade which is titled as “What happens Next”.

Oru pura kadha, sir thane inniku enne ithe pese vechruku and I felt it appropriate to mash up all my life incidents and let this fly in the air as it is the closest mankind can get. I had been writing one fine afternoon, locked in my balcony for hours as I focused all my thoughts on paper. Not revealing the year of the first incident, I am here narrating this real life incidents spanning between several years which has pushed to the extreme and to forced me back to Vegan for life. Let me first try to capture the first incident. Locked up in my balcony with gauged mesh to prevent birds from flyin in, with my dopamine levels at a dizzy level – I just kept writing on a small-sized notebook, as I get hooked onto these doves pecking at each other as if they were like messengers sent across. Each peck induced a swell, as that afternoon the blood rushed through my veins through my heart – I fall back into high school history lessons of kings & queens sending messengers using doves. But there were one too many things that had plagued my heart those few days that I decided I write about these beautiful things which God has bestowed on mankind. To a guy who has recited vedas, belonging to a iyer clan, growing up in prestigious institutions and having been coached by amazingly great gurus, and to getting enriched with the web-space living a phase of progressive land, and from getting entangled with Christianity, to realizing God truly is in different forms – the next few lines rises up to the top of the Everest as the holy trails are arduous as my heart is right now but its soul nourishing and it will be as I will continue to propagate peace, love & harmony. Fighting to save cash for the moment I yearn for, with the consulate in Mumbai – I was hatching out to fly from Bombay itself with a bit of a hard heart – just solely trying to focus on studies and yearning to earn my bread & butter, and whisk off silently to Europe. In came my friends prior to my departure quarreling with me to fly from the holistic Madras itself. I fought tooth and nail to an extent but relinquished to their and my parents demands that I have a good send-off. I knew though a few extra days is gonna bog me down into a bucket of emotions which is going to add a few extra baggage which I really didn’t want to carry considering several things I aspire to become. But the soul propagation has gotten the better of me as I feel a changed specie, altered in shape, aligning my destiny to an alternate path as this monk sells his Ferrari even before driving one. Back to Madras this morning, I was completely worn out with only a few hours of sleep the last night. Gate crashing in the sofa in hall, I was sleeping like a log all afternoon. So deep in sleep, I was coasting along with lucid dreaming. Suddenly I am awake from the slumber, with thoughts just afresh – I see two birds(doves) sitting on top of my chest pecking at one another.

Believe it.
Nothing happens by chance.

This material came to me at exactly the right time, in exactly the right way. “Thank you for introducing me to a God I can fall in love with”.