Saraswathi Pooga – 2017

Warm greetings, to all the souls.

I am penning for the last time, for a while coz I understand this blog thingy has been a journey with the melancholic infusion on me and me adapting to the walk of life. I am not delving on these incidents in life, traveling in virtual world and seeking solace through words, intoxicants, unhealthy food(although I have managed to stay lean for a 29year old {what you folks have to understand is I just want to be self critical}.

Magical portion / rehabilitation

I have long waited for this moment, I am glad this last phase although a long one has taught me to understand myself from a people’s perspective. My spine & my injured left-shoulder(both of which is – work under progress) felt in place last night. There was this new found energy I felt in my body.

What does wormhole wizard mean to me?

” This is my soul guys. CSK, which I couldn’t snort during my masters in University of Florida. The loudest of the Indian roar(WC 2015 2011) which I couldn’t snort, either! Ah, guys! This song is about CSK – the pride(phase I), the debacle(betting scam), the rise of the new team – the song according to me characterizes these. The rise in levels, the drop and the upcoming phase”. #reverberation

Ravichandran Ashwin

I had this moment after school, eigth-stand we were I recall. R Ashwin was my school senior. Numer Uno, an Opening batsman. Dei. Epidi patte batsman theriuma.

” Dos bosco ode match, machan. Enge school la. Ennaku anthe bowler per nyabam illa. A part off-spinner timer per say. I vividly remember this bright afternoon. Class interval time. I rush to the ground to catch the match. Run panren, and gets fixated as I approach the ground. Uttan sir, SIX! rendavadhu madiku”

Transformation – the rise of carrom ball

” It was a tough art. I could only remember that especially bowling in a cricket ball” and like delving on him being a batsman – He just plays so neatly in test cricket, coming down the order”

Big Bird – Joel Ganer – the West Indian Calypso

the west indian calypso

” I will make another statement here, just solely attributing to my run-ups(concrete) & in grounds(manal & grass). Although, I wish I could talk about a few matchups – I relished. The different keywords I would associate myself to would be – Over the wicket, pace generated through a seamless run-up, playing with guile, plying in the 90’s – barefoot, predominantly – concrete, extracting bounce, a zest type right armer with inconsistencies”

Focus, staying grounded

Time to pick up my boots

Time to rehab

Trying to understand my body

I don’t want to be a writer anymore, I don’t want to be inside four walls

It’s time to open my pores, run until I feel its a right moment

I like to get back to my teenage – I like to believe, see how my body reacts

Signing off from blogosphere


Oakley Flak 2.0(sports sunglasses is what has been bestowed on me)

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