Moroccan sunset

This is to all my thoughts and people associated in my virtual and real world, who like my smile. This song is high voltage, contagious. I have sculptured this to feel liberalism and my highest thoughts about human relationships, my childhood, my teenage & ofcourse manhood. This piece of work is universal sweethearts. Take a ride through, take a leave too from colleges & offices if you need to. I promise. You will love yourself mercilessly, this track I ll tell you no, doesn’t bore you a tad bit even after ‘n’ number of times. P.S. Headests a must !


Joe Satriani – Wormhole Wizards (HQ)


Joe Satriani – The golden room

Joe Sat nale oru thani mariyathe thane la

He is amazing, rombakso we astla..astla we astalu hahaha

Feel liberated la la

“Driving at Night” – Joe Satriani


To the fantasy worlds which ll never die

as I hold it dear my yesteryear thoughts and emotions

lords of karma { }

to the piece of solitude { }

how could you leave a dagger

omg, we live in a society

Joe Satriani – Made of Tears (Live 2006)

to the ventout on my side

Joe Satriani – House Full of Bullets

Joe Satriani – Premonition

how could we do this wrong?

to all the heartfelt texts we shared #9840248007 #9841975874

swell of my heart signifies it

#speed discotheque

to the queen who wore an adorable pink saree

damm that smile, infectious

all i have his respect, a brotherhood over you

thnx much for all the knowledge you imparted on me, I am your alter ego.. damm, we never met much but the kind of impact is everlasting

what’s the aura you got? The prodigy from Our Very Own English high school

its like a train of thoughts you wrote on The Hindu eons ago

I wouldnt think twice to put a professor in his place, another time – certain reactions are instantaneous – the feel of a brother over his sister

Joe sat’s music di.. making me flow like a river

Joe Satriani – Wind In The Trees (HQ)

to coining a friends gang, I did for you

Joe Satriani – A Train of Angels

to the bland sandwich I agreed to eat on your 18th birthday

to the woman i first met in college, black and white | green n navy

to my highest thoughts about human relationships

I guess, if there were personalities more apt for a depth in emotion

Pots of love

Wormhole Wizard



Kazi kakazhvu the melancholy eh

Joe Satriani – The Souls Of Distortion

To my birdie, I say he is not the erotic politician “Jim Morrison” but the professor satchafunkilus and Musterion of rock “Joe satriani”..Love takes a different dimension

Joe Satriani – Redshift Riders

Catapults be generally used in yesteryears to hunt birdie’s, but here is a version where the birdie catapulted a human specie at the same time, when men became chogans. I am at peace, as I breathe Joe. She said Jim. She said poets. I say to myself that when in solitude, it’s okaey!

Joe Satriani – Dream song

The giant ride will always hold a special place in my heart. Hold me ransom for anything, I had still be karnan and adhere

Joe Satriani – A day at the Beach

Joe Satriani – Thinking Of You

Okaey lol lemme take aim hahehehe



John Petrucci – Glasgow Kiss (G3 Live 2005)


Steve Vai – “Bad Horsie”

Parandhu sel

Joe Satriani – On Peregrine Wings

Come back to me, will U ?

Steve Vai and the String Theories band perform the opening track “Now We Run” from the new DVD “Live In Minneapolis – Where The Wild Things Are”.

Signing off


Oh wait you asked for passion didn’t you ? ? I will deliver one more track just for you to enjoy solitude, I call it the Barcelona G & T! This particular Geranium gin is truly a family affair. Brought to you by a father and son team with a desire to make the best gin ever and the result is spectacular. Serving it Spanish-style with zesty grapefruit, and rosemary – well blended, Hammer & Son!

Listen to Dave Gerrard – Generation Five (Premaster V12) by David Gerrard 4 #np on #SoundCloud


The downtown Madras tetheather’s with Westbury, NY county of Nassau in Singaporian grounds..


This is how I struck the arrow at my Musterion of rock, love ambu vitenda yov. ” Sir, I picked up your music when I was pursuing my masters in University of Florida bac in 0’10. Since, my freefall from Rhode Island to my hometown Chennai – the only thing I held dearly was your musical discography. You made us Fly in a Blue Dream, as a reciprocation I give this as a token of honour to my musterion – make you fly in a dream as well nu I gave him this blue silk woven with gold zarige veche shawl to him”.

as I graduate from the School of Instrumental Rock in o’17 – under my Musterion (JOE SATRIANI)


My second level thoughts are with you my birdie who wears an adorable blue saree. Howz the trip kiddo? Fly high Sharma’s & Krishnamoorthy’s!!

John Petrucci — Suspended Animation (2005) [Full Album]


@Rahul: Vathiyare! Take a bow. To the greet at Gateway at glades, I say fuck mumbai. You are kumbakonam. I am stealing you. You are TamilNadu’s very own. Gramathuku polama? hahah..

G3 Live in Denver – Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen 2003

 g3-live-in-denver-03-dvd-3     you: take me to the underground of madras?

 me: I had take you to duraiswamy subway!

Joe Satriani – 1988 – Guitar Killer (Live US) (Bootleg)


from G3 to bed bugs & from depression land to the forests of Auroville

from the laboratory to Park hyatt

from west library to marton’s sciences

from day-night at the college campus

to all the Newports we shared

here is a gr*** from the days in Neon liger lol

Joe Satriani – 1993 – Master of the Art (Bootleg)

or say the thunderous bang on head against the wall in sharab

to sharan and srini getting beaten up for my misconduct

to me saving ur ass against a wannbe tamilian from saidapet.. douchebag: unaku avane theriyuma? dei..gainesville vanthu saidapet le al theriuma na?enna da..enna?

Joe Satriani – 2012 – Satchurated – Live In Montreal

joe-satriani-satchurated-live-in-montreal-009 joe-satriani-satchurated-live-in-montreal-001 joe-satriani-satchurated-live-in-montreal-005 joe-satriani-satchurated-live-in-montreal-006 joe-satriani-satchurated-live-in-montreal-004 joe-satriani-satchurated-live-in-montreal-003 joe-satriani-satchurated-live-in-montreal-002

 to the comradeship, I offer

img_20170303_213851 img_20170303_213936

Steve Vai – Crossroads guitar duel

 @love train aka the sexx chocloate bwahah. I couldn’t stop but cry out of laughter seeing this picture of yours


Joe Satriani – Dog With Crown and Earring (Rare)

” I want to shout this, I want to put this in capital letters–HE WAS ALWAYS, ALWAYS MUSICAL”.

Joe Satriani – Bamboo


to the spite, Joe & I ask you to breathe free peeps

listening to his tracks in the early morning drive through ECR;

To my beckie: ❤ We are two independent characters, will always be i guess..u said no to Joe sat..sob sob! Let me see if I can passionately try to induce another shot at love.

Joe Satriani – Always With Me, Always With You


Here is a moment in my life, I have for you through you. thanks for making me feel like a V.I.P, which I couldnt have at this juncture. You always made me special through your sacrifices, or a simplistic way of living. Lakshakanaka salutes to you, my daddy. The most lovable character, I am proud of you. Much love sidhu


Joe Satriani-Is there love in space


Not only he is one of the most underrated, one of the most diverse talents ever to pick up a guitar. he is one who licks smooth, emotionally powerful, technically masterful. While he’s easily as fast as anyone, sometimes with a few notes he can be just as powerful and impressive as any speed lick. Satriani has mastered this art

Joe Satriani – Ten words


Joe uses fluid legato which blends well with his style of music. Being a humble guitarist, he displays impeccable skills and manages to somehow make his shredding emotional. He is a creative genius through which he creates techniques

Joe Satriani – Speed of Light


Hey jits, thnx for being there for me in my virtual world and reciprocating the love i propagated. Here is sid-joe solefully strumming love back at you. Boomerang at you da..hahah.. ❤


Joe Satriani – The Crush of Love



Bala anna & shyam, it would be criminal if I dont make a mention of you two. Those words of yours still ring within me, for you to have said all that. omg, i am indebted in many ways. Hopefully, i get to do that in real. Much love siddhu.

Joe Satriani-Revelation


Sorry for all the tantrums which we throw at our home, my neighbour – here is a song for your family D9A – there is more to come hahah..


Joe Satriani – Just Like Lightnin’ (Live 2006)

abhi & anu: I just wish we recreate childhood, again #thane #mulund

What breaks a Heart – Joe Satriani

Sacrifice your Joe Sat!

“The events of this very day will move you closer to God. That is what they were designed to do, and you will experience them doing just that if you will allow yourself to”. As I reach midway through my life, I characterize Feb21st, 2017 as Before.Joe(B.J) lol and Anno Domini(A.D) { in Medival Latin means in the year of the Lord but is often translated as in the year of our Lord}. @Ram: Your birthday makes it significant, not Joe’s concert.. Ah, I am still weak at lying, masquerading and being a willy at foxing people but why am i associating all that with our relationship..I just wanna propagate love like I always do. Here is a toast, to this day and memories we share.

Joe Satriani – Moroccan Sunset


To my brother – who is a Wormhole Wizard himself


The big theory – I will survive. To a special special childhood we share – GUYS!

Time machine- Joe Satriani


the russian mafia is here at ECR..sharat u and ur fakearm bowling actions. I am the sultan of swing!


Joe Satriani Plays “Surfing With The Alien” Live at Sweetwater


@iy aka Amit Duvdevni {I am erez eisen btw} idk whether i m the navi warrior or you in another parallel virtual world; idk whether its you or me the banshee; idk who tames who? Lets fly though. EU beckons!  Israel definitely on the cards;

Joe Satriani, Steve Vai & Yngwie Malmsteen: G3 – Rockin’ In the Free World (Live) [HQ]

ver. II


@mamse: there is silver and there is gold and there is platinum. To a platinum grade relationship, unconditional love I shower through joe’s music. # Back to Shalla-Bal


Joe Satriani HD Audio Back to Shalla-Bal

@mommy: For all the toil, I hope to earn soon..Take you around the world. I know I havent fulfilled one many a dream of yours. I hope to keep up with my words, continue to be the son whom you wish me to be. Through the process of it all – I promise, to induce some of my traits onto you as a reciprocation and like with mamse  – keep showering unconditional love at you. Sid.

Joe Satriani – Chords of Life


As, an elder cousin of mine, Harish has given me what a big brother would do, not at staying touch with me everyday but someone to look up to. We both were big in cricket, not that we were professional players, but followed the sport closely. He was in the US in the late 90’s when he did his BS from Texas at Austin, have had been vocal on the boards, so much so he knew guys who set up what is now the mecca of cricket news Cricinfo.

To my kin: love for botswana, africa!

Joe Satriani – RIDE

The Ramakrishnan dynasty


The Meaning Of Love–Joe Satriani

@Satish v-tree: Toast on behalf of our ancestors! Much love – siddhu!!


Joe Satriani – Big Bad Moon

@mollé: I only wish we shared more real-time moments. Even for a friendship which has kicked in late, all your humour make up for moments skipped. Here is an open arm for what we could paint in the future. Stay in loop. Lets visit the old highbury someday!

Joe Satriani – Live Montreux Blues Fest 1988 [Full Concert]

Joe Satriani – Live at Montreux (2002)


@nitin: To all the negative trips, to repainting mambalam and more so chennai. You took care of me like a brother. I for christsake have a lot to offer.

Joe Satriani – Phone Call

img_20170221_012525 beers-from-berlin

 @anu: spain! awwwwwwwwwww!

Joe Satriani – Crowd Chant


@T’s: the lost #. Love me second time?

Joe Satriani – Up In The Sky


@druggie love! u ll never be a tee-totaller bwahahah

Joe Satriani – Summer Song


Thnxx so much for taking me to the middle of Arbian sea on my 28th birthday @selvamani hope this song swells your heart

Joe Satriani – Cryin (Live in Paris)


@Once a srividya apt

Joe Satriani – Crystal Planet


@bestie: Thnx so much for the thunderbird. May this friendship transcend across borders, we travel together someday.. Much love to hasini, as well ❤

Joe Satriani – Live In Paris Show Completo

p.s. to be unlocked after u grease with Joe’s music.

#thug life lol; entanglement rofl; here is to the down trip xD; for the journey ahead!

Joe Satriani – Andalusia

Joe Satriani – Can’t slow down


@eskie(My european ancestor) :

Joe Satriani – Hellfest 2016


@sharan @raul @ srini @mihir @sekar @ysk:

Joe Satriani – Sleep Walk

oh dammit, slams the t-shirt on the floor.. wtf? soembody get the tortoise of my

@siddharth yadav: puppy love is always special..xD Belated marriage wishes; expect me to pass on something close to my heart, soon! love to both of you ❤

Joe Satriani – Rubina – Live @ Liverpool Philarmonic 10 06 2013


@Tipriti: Indian Blues star #dope

G3 – My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama (Zappa)



Paradise i.e. Flying Elephant, Park Hyatt

If I Could Fly – Joe Satriani (HQ)



Broken arms to painted art, this is the origin of Big Bang theory

Joe Satriani – Super Colossal

@Fredie boy, main man Dinesh(soulmate) & Georgie

Joe Satriani – Two Sides to Every Story


To my guru’s                 

Joe Satriani – The Journey

& one track from Joe’s Sishyakoti

Steve Vai – “For The Love Of God”                                                                                                                                                                                   


@venkster: TV unda? gurunadha

The Traveler – Joe Satriani


@bubs: To the memories from Fruitshop & Toit. Look at how different we look in span of few years.. fat and educated!..quit job..visit chennai! where is the eric johnson-s-que shirts you promised?

Eric Johnson – High Landrons                                                                                                   

Eric Johnson – Zenland – Austin City Limits 2001                                                                   

Eric Johnson – Soulful Terrain                                                                                                   

Eric Johnson – Cliffs of Dover                                                                                                     

Eric Johnson – Desert rose                                                                                                           

G3 Live in Concert – Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai US Tour 1996 – Full Concert MP3

eric-johnson-wikipediaimg_20160806_071413112 toit


Sid-Joe Inc.


Last man standing

Michael Buffer: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!! Starrcade 97

Extended highlights from two entangled souls from the gullies of West Mambalam. No holds barred – falls count anywhere

Party na party thane, Singaporu party thane

Steve Vai – “Tender Surrender”

Joe Satriani Satchurated 2012 BDRip x264 720p1



In complete aww&admiration..of my musterion – – – – ! ! !-! ! !



An all nighter before the concert, this is how I sculptured myself to the Stairway to Heaven. Caffeine overload wasn’t the only abuse as I relaxed in snake poses & inhaled and exhaled like in my yoga sessions at Orange Ray coupled with a truck load of nicotine inhalation and an allah load of Singaporian muslim street food as I cried, laughed and torpedoed myself out of space.. .

img_20170221_113154 img_20170221_113203 img_20170221_113218 img_20170221_113226 img_20170221_114332 img_20170221_114345 img_20170221_114353 img_20170221_114604 img_20170221_114613 img_20170221_114616 img_20170221_115011 img_20170221_115412 img_20170221_115705 img_20170221_120629 img_20170221_120831 img_20170221_121234 img_20170221_121422 img_20170221_122038 img_20170221_122132 img_20170221_122211 img_20170221_122919 img_20170221_123206 img_20170221_123436 img_20170221_123627 img_20170221_123647 img_20170221_123855 img_20170221_124235 img_20170221_124847 img_20170221_130354 img_20170221_130813 img_20170221_131258 img_20170221_134923 img_20170221_140906 img_20170221_140941 img_20170221_141127 img_20170221_142304 img_20170221_143139 img_20170221_144025 img_20170221_144611 img_20170221_150127 img_20170221_150151 img_20170221_150820 img_20170221_151845 img_20170221_151859 img_20170221_152058 img_20170221_152210 img_20170221_153719 img_20170221_155455 img_20170221_155742 img_20170221_160244 img_20170221_161351 img_20170221_163224 img_20170221_163251 img_20170221_163543 img_20170221_163908 img_20170221_164104 img_20170221_164740 img_20170221_173643 img_20170221_185410 img_20170221_191009 img_20170221_191347 img_20170221_191743 img_20170221_191800 img_20170221_191810 img_20170221_191816 img_20170221_191840 img_20170221_191844 img_20170221_191848 img_20170221_191903 img_20170221_191948 img_20170221_230214


You think the party just got over? hahah.. I landed straight back to Chennai and drove myself with a random buddy I met at a Coffee shop a few days before my trip I again sculptured again, this time my hometown to perfection as I played tracks to a couple – the guy from Netherlands & princess from Israel and a bunch of other homies – this is the song I play for you peeps as a reciprocation and love you guys showered on me. A track from the concert ‘Surfing to Shockwave


Joe Satriani – Butterfly and Zebra HD


for the the return gift


We are the people – Empire of the Sun


Love without constrictions

Siddarth Raghurman