Joe vs his Alter ego

My love affair for Joe’s music started off pretty late, during my masters in Gainesville – when my buds Raul & YSK were deep into conversation about Joe’s G3. This took a different turn when I had a freefall from RI, years after and floating on many of his songs. The beauty behind this it never diminished my love for his music, that during a depression period, where the only thing I could hold on to dearly was his musical discography. Joe’s genre ( even boxed into Instrumental rock is inspired by blues, jazz, swing, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, maybe also Dick Dale ? So the genre is “American”. These influences seem much more strong than in other “shredders” albums who are more on the “neo classical” side is more soulful and tangible atleast wrt me – I found his music to be suiting different state of mind and elevating them to a higher pedestal. Now, as I have lived his music over these years, I am soon making the giant leap .. going to experience thats something will be “Always with me & Always with you” or say “Rockin in the free world” or “Super Colossal” if one might perceive the live experience to be, or paraphrase it to be “Flying in a blue dream” or as in the “Ride” like the freefall, or me as in “Surfing with a alien” like bac in the PG days. One thing though it is a defining moment in my life as I realize to chase my dreams, chase my heart – spread his music to many of my peeps and even cab drivers on my way back somedays – to see some being in the groove themselves gives me immense satisfaction. The depression land is gotten so far behind, his music has been immensely instrumental in signifying nothing is impossible, even kickin out mild psychosis.

I am leaving here a watermark for peeps to view through my musical journey with Joe Sat, as in my life I have realized Joe Sat is a healer not something I should constrict with myself but allow comrades like you all to experience and feel related through my words which might be the instigator for many a space travel w the Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock !

Keywords: Mick Jagger, Deep Purple, Chickenfoot, Sammy Hagger, Micheal Anthony, Chad Smith, G3, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Steve Lukather, Brian May, Robert Fripp, Steve Morse, Andy Timmons, Charlie Hunter, Kirk Hammett, Shockwave Supernova

Joe Satriani: A Force of ‘Unstoppable Momentum’ (Interview) –

Keywords: Unstoppable Momentum, Sammy Hagar, former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, Surfing with the Alien, Flying in a Blue Dream, and Crystal Planet, Mike Kneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai) on keyboards, along with a new rhythm section featuring bassist Bryan Beller (Frank Zappa) and drummer Marco Minnemann (Adrian Belew)

“It’s a very truthful title,” says Satriani. “It’s all about recognizing I’ve had this drive in me to create music since I was a little kid. And it seems like instead of slowing down, it’s been gaining momentum over the years. So I started to write this song that was a celebration of that.”

Joe. He was a master before these guys picked up the axe and has pushed the envelope miles since. Most people have heard Joe, but probably never realized it. Pay attention and you’ll hear his compositions everywhere. He does it all… Any style, any mode. See him live and you’ll be hooked. He’s the guitarists’ guitarist.

Joe Satriani is the closest anyone will get to a guy with as much feeling and soul in his music. He is known for his amazing feeling songs: Surfing with the Alien, Unstoppable Momentum the list goes on and on. He can shred and does on rare occasions, but chose to not and plays the music he makes instead. He can play solos or entire songs. Check out his part time band chickenfoot. He has more talent than most of these mainstream metal guitarists, but people just don’t listen to his music enough because it’s not hard and heavy, he undeniably could play like that, but his music is so much more. A true god on the guitar.

SPEED ISN’T EVERYTHING. Other than the fact that Joe has taught many of the guitarists above, he has the speed which he chooses not to over use. Instead, he uses his various techniques to be a rock instrumental soloist, something that most of the above do not have. He rarely uses words to communicate and you can say the every one of this albums is different. This melodies can bring you down or make you fly.

I play the guitar when I have time and is under heavy critisism from my friends not doing it for a living. But I am a father of six, and the guitar comes in 7th. (NB: That means that my wife comes in 8th… 😉 ) I have played most of the tunes from practically all the guitarists on these kind of list and from all of the guitarist you would expect to find here, Joe Satriani is basically the only one that makes me take a break on the guitar drinking a glass of water. The extreme level of details in bending tones and mixing regular play with tapping and picking and switching between them at an insane speed AND at the same time keeping the dynamics of the tune (strong, hard, soft, gentle and so on) is what makes me reckon Joe being at a different level than the rest. Playing fast is actually the easiest to learn, but putting all the other elements into the mix making it a real tune, is what differs ie Slash and JS. Slash being on these lists from a guitar-angle is not fair. His creativity and ability to invite other strong musicians that fit into his creative dream and picture into the mix is a big talent, but from a guitar point of view, he is not even close to JS.

Are you tripping? Watch surpassed Hendrix back with his Surfing With The Alien album in 1987. You have one of his students Kirk Hammet from Metallica in the top 10 plus he also taught Steve Vai and Alex Skholnic from Testament. If you actually listened at the endless variety of his guitar playing from, blues, jazz, rock, metal that he can play blindfolded while riding a horse you will know he’s in a league of his own at number 1. You will never hear a guitarist that can match his speed with perfection. He plays fast because he can and doesn’t sing because he doesn’t have to, he is the master.

So you’re in a power-pop band, and one day you buy a book of business forms and overnight start a record company and a publishing company. Where did that come from?

It really is a funny story. I was in a band called the Squares in the early 1980s. We were a three-piece working extremely hard in Berkeley, California, and had a rehearsal space in the warehouse district of the Flats of Berkeley.

We shared part of the building with Nolo Press, a company that made how-to books with tear-out pages for all sorts of legal situations. Their dumpster was right outside the door where we would hang out and have a smoke and a drink in between practicing, and it was always overflowing with damaged books. So we’re out there wondering how we’re ever going to make it in the music business and start absentmindedly flipping through books. One of them showed how to start all kinds of businesses.

I took it home and was fascinated. I thought the upcoming vacation the band was taking was an opportunity for me to just “do the book.”

And you had no business background?

Not really. I got a real copy of the book and decided I needed to start my own publishing company and my own record company and then make a record. I just followed the advice in the book, filled out the forms, went to the Oakland Courthouse and paid my $12, and suddenly I was a record company owner.

While it sounds like a joke, I realized that was actually how it works. It’s not complicated.

I wound up recording a very unusual, avant-garde record with no bass drums or keyboards. When I got back to the band rehearsals weeks later, I presented everybody with what I’d done on my Christmas vacation. I said, “Look, I’ve got a record, and I’ve got Rubina Records, a record company named after my wife. And I’ve got a publishing company, and all the money goes to me.” Even though, of course, at the time there was no money coming to me.

There was a magazine at the time called Sonic Option Network that basically listed all the independently owned record stores around the world. So I picked 40 or 50 stores and mailed an album to those stores with a letter saying, “You don’t know me. I’m nobody. Sell these and keep the money. I don’t care.”

This frank humbleness and sincere gratitude for his well deserved success appear to embody the personality of the man, who I had the great fortune of meeting prior to the Toronto performance of the warm-up tour to the next generation of the G3 experience (starting mid May in Europe with Michael Schenker and Uli Jon Roth and with a North American version to follow).

Keywords:  Crystal Planet

Jimi Hendrix — Electric Ladyland or Band of Gypsys

Mahavishnu Orchestra — Birds of Fire

Rolling Stones — Exile on Main St.

Jethro Tull — Stand Up

AC/DC — Back in Black






Joe Satriani, Steve Vai & Yngwie Malmsteen: G3 – Rockin’ In the Free World (Live) [HQ]

Joe Satriani – Super Colossal

Joe Satriani Surfing with the alien!

Joe Satriani – Belly Dancer

Joe Satriani – Always With Me, Always With You

Joe Satriani- Wind in the trees HD

Joe Satriani – RIDE

I know some people like to take life easy,
That’s not my style.
I’m not the type to let this life tease me,
I’m gonna make it wild.

I just wanna ride,
Get on my bike and ride.

Some people think you’ve got to like your life one way,
I disagree.
I’m not gonna pay attention to them anyway,
It’s got nothing, nothing to do with me.

Life is so short, we’ve got
No time to waste at all.

I just wanna ride,
Get on my bike and ride.
I just wanna ride,
Get on my bike and ride.

I see the road, as it opens up before me,
I feel the heat.
I’m gonna go where I want, when I want to.
I’ve got to be free.


Feels so right…

Feels so right

Joe Satriani,making crowd chant in studio

Joe Satriani: “A Door Into Summer” (from new album UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM available May 7)

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“War” by Joe Satriani – From “Satchurated”, In Select U.S. Theaters March 2012!

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